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30 Questions to Ask your Wholesale Supplier before Getting Started

There are certain questions you want to address with your new wholesale supplier before you are getting started. As new in wholesale it can be difficult to know what to ask about. We have gathered the most frequently asked questions of wholesale suppliers. You can use the questions to be inspired to ask the right questions to your wholesale partner.


What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

You want to know the minimum quantity of products you need to order to qualify for wholesale pricing otherwise you will risk that you plan to order too few numbers of products. That can influence the wholesale price


What are your wholesale pricing tiers?

You want to know the different pricing levels based on order volumes. This can influence your budget and profit margins. For example, if you buy larger volumes at a lower price.


Can I get a sample of the product?

Sometimes you want a request sample to assess attributes such as the size and quality of the products before placing a larger order.


What is the lead time for orders?

As a buyer, you want to know how long it takes for the orders to be processed, shipped, and delivered. This is crucial for your planning your inventory and you can sell the products to your customers.


What payment terms do you offer?

This is crucial when you want to control your cash flow and control the cost related to transactions. Ask about the methods, credit terms, and discounts for early payments.


Do you offer customization or private labeling?

You might be interested in branding your own products. If so, ask about options for customization or private labeling.


What is your return policy for wholesale orders?

As a wholesale customer, you need to understand the process for returning or exchanging products. For example, this is relevant when products are damaged or unsatisfactory in quality.


Are there any volume discounts available?

As a buyer, you want to get the best prices. There can be additional discounts for larger orders beyond the standard wholesale pricing. If you do not ask, you do not know your options.

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Do you have a catalog or product list?

You want to make an informed buying decision. Ask for products, variations, and specifications.


Can I place orders online?

Not all wholesales are online yet. Buying online can save a lot of time. Ask if there is an online portal or platform for placing wholesale orders conveniently.


What is the shipping cost and process?

Ask about shipping costs and methods, including options for express or international shipping.


Do you have exclusive territories or distribution rights?

It can be relevant to ask about the availability of exclusive rights to distribute products in a certain area. It can boost your business if you are the only one allowed to sell the products in your area.


What is the warranty or guarantee on products?

You probably want to know about warranties, guarantees, or assurances in case products are defective or malfunctioning.


What is your replenishment strategy?

If you are a retailer, you may ask about how the wholesaler handles restocking of products.


Do you offer marketing support or materials?

As a business, you may need in terms of marketing collateral, images, descriptions, or promotional materials to sell the products in your market.


What is your cancellation or change order policy?

Maybe you need to adjust your orders or cancel them. Therefore, it can be relevant to ask about the procedures and any associated fees when canceling an order.


Do you offer dropshipping services?

Dropshipping can be a great addition to your business and can reduce your inventory. Ask about whether the wholesaler provides dropshipping options.


What is the availability of back-ordered items?

If you find products that are currently out of stock, you can ask if it is possible to place orders for them.


Are there any restrictions on selling online or through certain channels?

There are wholesalers who have restrictions on where their products can be sold. Maybe the wholesaler does not want their products to be sold through other platforms or marketplaces. Ask for any restrictions if you want to sell others through other platforms.


Can I get a credit line or payment terms?

Maybe your CFO is very careful regarding the cash flow. Ask whether the wholesaler offers a credit line or payment terms to manage cash flow more effectively. Make your CFO happy.


What is your track record for order accuracy and on-time delivery?

Not all wholesalers deliver on time. Ask about their track record in fulfilling orders accurately if it is relevant, you your business.


Do you offer training or support for using the products?

Some products are more complex than others. Ask the wholesaler if they provide any guidance to use the products accordingly.


What is the shelf life or expiration date of the products?

If the products have expiration dates, be sure to ask for the product’s longevity.


Can I get a list of references or case studies from your existing wholesale customers?

If you do not trust the wholesaler, you can ask for testimonials or success stories.


How often do you update your product catalog?

Can be relevant if you want to sell the same products again and again. Ask whether existing products are phased out at some point in time.


What is your policy on exclusive discounts or promotions?

You might want to ask about access to exclusive discounts or promotions if you believe you can build a great partnership with the wholesaler. Wholesalers want to create loyalty and can offer exclusive partnerships.


How do you handle quality control and product testing?

If you are concerned about the products’ quality and safety, you can ask the wholesaler about the steps they take to ensure both the quality and safety of their products.


What are your international shipping options and costs?

If you need international shipping, you might want to ask about options and cost in relation to international shipping as this is quite expensive. You might want to know about shipping rates, procedures, and delivery time.


Can I get access to marketing materials or product images for my website?

Sometimes you need more material about the product than just the product. There can be copyright issues so make sure that you are able to get access to images in your online marketing.