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Why should you stop with manual B2B orders in wholesale?

There are many wholesales that process manual B2B orders which is ineffective as it is both time-consuming and costly. Even though transitioning from manual B2B orders to automated B2B e-commerce processes is not an easy task for most wholesalers, for many wholesalers it will be a good investment. B2B c-commerce offers significant benefits to buyers and sellers. We will walk through some of the common benefits of B2B e-commerce in wholesale in this article.


Reason 1: Human Errors

Humans are the reason for many errors. In manual ordering or processing orders the risk of human errors such as typos, pricing mistakes, or incorrect product quantities. Even though they seem like small errors, they can lead to disputes with customers and can contain great costs related to effective processes.


Reason 2: Inefficiency

Manually handling wholesale transactions is a time-consuming process as it requires manual entry of data, communication, and coordination with customers. The lack of efficiency can result in bad customer experience.


Reason 3: Lack of Real-Time Information

There is no real-time visibility in handling wholesale transactions manually. The consequence is low visibility into inventory levels, customer histories, and order statuses. The lack of visibility can create miscommunication with the customer.


Reason 4: Scalability

It is difficult to scale manual processes and it can be difficult for the business to meet the demand as manual processes can lead to bottlenecks in the operations.

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Reason 5: Customer Experience

Mere and more B2B customers expect customer service as in B2C. As it is difficult to personalize the customer experience and track orders with manual processes it can negatively impact customer satisfaction.


How Do You Solve Manual Processes?

Businesses turn to digital solutions such as B2B e-commerce platforms or ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems to automate their order processes. The implementation of EPR systems or e-commerce platforms enhance accuracy, efficiency, scalability, and customer experience.